Did You Enjoy the Festival?

May 22nd, 2012 | By Don

Thank you for spending the day with us.

Are you in any of the photos by photographer Gene Driskell?

What did you like or not like about the 19th Annual Blind Willie Blues Festival?

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14 Responses to “Did You Enjoy the Festival?”

  1. B.P Moore says:

    Best Ever Blues Fedtival!
    Thomson did itself PROUD!

    Very enjoyable: atmosphere symbolic of Thomson and McDuffie County.
    Exceptional hospitality, control and safety.
    Food and Beverage could nothave been better.
    Shared experience —program and a poster– with a schoolmate, living in Arizona;{ formally from Amity Road}
    Harold and Naomi Smith….

  2. Phil Sanders says:

    We arrived about 11 AM and set up our EZUP in the proper area. Around 1PM a gentleman set up an umbrella that was 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It completely blocked the view of everyone behind him. He never even sat under it. We could not see the stage at all. These large umbrellas were a problem, the short ones do not block the view. Could you address this problem before next year? Otherwise this was the best show that I have seen in the eleven years I have been coming.. Thanks for a great time. PHIL SANDERS

  3. Tom Craft says:

    Great job! Terrific lineup! I thought the sound tent should have been a little further up the hill, but that’s no biggie. When asking about the punch out system at the gate, one of the security guards was a bit testy (even though the question was asked politely). Why the attitude?
    Would really like to see Johnny Winter before he get’s to the point that he can’t tour. Would also like to see Elvin Bishop!nn1

  4. DaveC says:

    Great atmosphere and hospitality, as usual. This year’s lineup was one of the best…lotsa good blues, even with Delbert’s ‘country blues’. Randall and Geoff’s set was up there with the ‘headliners’. Mama Says will be big-time..soon.

  5. Tom O says:

    Overall a great day in the sun.
    Really enjoyed Bramblett & Achison, and Mama Says. Cory Chisel started good and got better. Always a joy to hear Guy Davis and James Cotton. The only disappointment was Delbert McClinton who seemed to be on auto-pilot.
    Good food, and short beer lines- what more could you want.

  6. Gerald Gillette says:

    Excellent line up and great weather. I brought a visiting friend from California and he was really impressed with the venue, so much so that he wants to return next year. Hard to believe the festival folks can continue to get such top-notch talent for such a low ticket price. The food vendors were also great. Good show Thomson!!

  7. Tom Wenzka says:

    We agree with previous comments. Guy Davis topped my list with his personable, real, uncanned approach to the audience. Add the cleanliness of restrooms to the kudos, but what happened to the cooling spray from a couple of years ago? Let’s keep at least two acoustic acts in the lineup each year. The organizers and this audience have made this the most enjoyable blues festival imaginable. Wish it could happen twice a year. Tom Wenzka

  8. David Allman says:

    I came for James Cotton with low expectations for the balance of the bill. I was not disappointed in either regard.

  9. Amy Swann says:

    The festival was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the music was phenomenal. James Cotton blew me a away and it was a pleasure to finally hear Delbert McClinton because I was at the stormed out festival several years ago. The people of Thomson working with the festival and the vendors were so wonderful. I enjoyed meeting and talking with them. One suggestion though. Since the artists were only taking cash for their CDs and albums, an ATM at the site would be much appreciated. I am a regular at Bonnaroo and they have them every where. Also, I think a lady’s tank top, with the festival logo and info, would sell well at the merchandise tent. Georgia summer’s are awfully hot!

  10. Lisa McKinney says:

    Fabulous festival, as always! I take a lot of pictures of the musicians and it would be nice if your program included the names of the band members for each act. They deserve some recognition, too!
    You guys have the absolute best “restrooms” on the festival circuit. It is a blessing to be able to actually wash your hands!!
    Thanks for another great year at BWBF!

  11. Greg Berryhill says:

    This was my first trip to your festival, but I plan on returning. It was a great venue, good set up, good food and beverages. I am a huge Delbert McClinton fan and have attended many of his live shows and have all of his cd’s. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t have all of his regular band members there, but the ‘hired guns’ did an adequate job. I was blown away by James Cottn and his band. Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a treat. Would love to see the Tommy Castro Band from San Francisco make an appearance. Keep up the good work!!

  12. Kevin Komosa says:

    First time attendee from Chicago. Great Fest. Enjoyed saying hi to James Cotton (saw JC the 1st time April,1969 in Chicago with Muddy Waters and Paul Butterfield Blues Band). This was a fun time. Lots of smiles, good food, too. Security needs to lighten up.’ Hell, these dudes should come up to Chicago to work security at concerts to see what a challange really looks like. Hope to come back next year. Peace.

  13. Rupert says:

    Isn’t it about time to drop “Blues” from the name of the festival? We used to really enjoy it when it was a blues festival but it seems to have become the Annual Randall Bramblett Country Music Festival With a Couple of Token Blues Acts Thrown In, although that might be a tad long to fit on a t-shirt. This area has a dearth of blues concerts. This used to be the one you could count on for a solid lineup of blues. To borrow from Poe, “Never more.”

  14. DaveC says:

    Great festival! Although James Cotton and Delbert were ‘headlined’, the Randall Bramblett/Atcheson set was really fantastic. Glad you’re bringing Randall back this year! Someone mentioned bringing back the spray/cooling station: I agree. Again, great job by all involved!